Five Trends in Hardwood Flooring This Year

Created by Mike Mazur at May 30, 2019, 5:15 pm

New flooring is always a good investment in your home and can quickly offer an updated look to any room. watches flooring trends and we see five which may offer you some choices if you are looking to upgrade your floor to current home fashion ideas.

Going Lighter

Dark floors have been popular for many years, but recently there is a trend to lighter shades of flooring. People recognize that a lighter floor will brighten the whole room. A lightly stained French white oak will offer a bright and airy feel to any room in your home.

Gray to Beige or Brown

Gray colors have been popular, but the trend seems to be favoring tans or beige or a light brown hue. This will give a floor a modern look that will fit any decor.

Hand Scraped to Brushed

Hand scraped flooring is still popular, but many owners are opting for a wire brushed finish. In this technique, wire brushes remove softer wood areas and leave the harder grain. This can help hide dirt and scratches over time.

Natural Finishes

Natural finishes are gaining popularity again over tints and unusual stains. Many people are choosing to use a natural finish look which will remain popular for years to come.

Longer and Wider Planks

For some time there was a movement to narrow floor planks, but that seems to be changing back to longer and wider flooring. This is actually a very traditional look found in older homes which will make a room look larger.

If you are thinking of adding new flooring or upgrading existing floors, think for your next floor. We have all the styles and colors to choose from, making the hardest part picking your favorite. Contact us today by calling 800-689-9006.