7 Benefits of Installing Hardwood Floors in Your Kitchen

Created by Mike Mazur at November 20, 2019, 4:03 pm

Many people often ask us about the advantages of having hardwood floors added to their home, particularly in the kitchen area. Of course, when we hear this question we only have about a million answers that we could provide, as the number of reasons that hardwood floors are such an incredible addition to any kitchen and/or dining area is almost infinite. But the friendly folks at Tongue and Groove don’t have the time to list that many benefits, so we just went with our top 7:

Hardwood Adds the Appearance of Space

There is just something about the visual trick that this type of flooring plays with people’s eyes to make the area seem larger.

Hardwood Provides an Elegant Look

Any home receives an immediate visual upgrade when installing these floors.

Hardwood Creates Better Air Quality

Less dust and dander are collected than is on tile.

Hardwood is Sturdier and More Durable

It can better hold up to the dropped pots and pans, as well as all of the foot traffic in this area.

Hardwood Can Increase Property Value

Sometimes even by thousands of dollars.

Hardwood Is Simpler to Keep Clean

It is less sticky and adhesive than other common kitchen flooring options.

Hardwood Is More Comfortable Than Tile

Finally, for the barefoot cooker or midnight snacker, hardwood is warmer in the wintertime and more comfortable all year round.

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