Are Wood Floors Practical in the Bathroom?

Created by Stephanie at May 10, 2023, 3:04 pm

There’s a good chance that you’ve been thinking about renovating your home in 2023. Many renovation experts advise that you begin with the bathroom, as it’s a small area with a limitless amount of customization. Coincidentally, many home renovation experts also attest to the quality of hardwood floors. Now, the question becomes one of whether or not they’re a practical choice. Today, we make an attempt to provide an answer.

Seal & Protect

As you’re most likely already aware, moisture and wood floors don’t tend to mix very well. And while it has been proven time and time again, there is a way to combat it. Properly sealing your floor along the cracks and joints is the first line of defense. A wood floor can enhance the aesthetic and style of your bathroom, and having it sealed can go a long way to prevent damage. You also might want to consider using a dehumidifier to eliminate any lingering moisture that might collect in the confined space of your bathroom.

Advantages of Having a Hardwood Floor in the Bathroom

Having hardwood floors in the bedroom and living room is a subject that’s been written about at length. And you might be curious about what the advantages are of having one in the bathroom. Aside from increasing the quality of air and the natural aroma of a wood floor, they also provide a warm and welcoming aesthetic. While tile flooring has been the standard for many bathroom designs over the years, it can feel cold and confining. Hardwood creates an upscale environment; when the right fixtures are installed, a unique experience can be had by anyone who uses it.

Installation & Upkeep

There are two more facts you should keep in mind before you start considering having a hardwood floor installed. First of all, you should have them professionally installed. While DIY projects are always fun, hardwood installation in the bathroom requires both skill and expertise, as the bathroom tends to accumulate more moisture than the rest of your house. There’s also a fair amount of upkeep that has to be done as well. Hardwood flooring in the bathroom should be sealed often and maintained properly to avoid moisture from the plumbing and daily usage.

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