The Benefits of Hardwood Floors in the Bedroom

Created by Mike Mazur at January 31, 2022, 5:16 pm

Whether you’re in the process of remodeling your home or simply planning to get the most out of your living space, many of the choices you make will not just lead to a style and aesthetic that serve as an extension of your personality, but can also potentially lead to a better quality of life. Of all the rooms in your house, the bedroom is easily the most personal. While the dining and living room serve as a form of personal expression and will be the “face” that greets guests during a visit, the bedroom provides privacy and encapsulates intimacy. The addition of hardwood floors can help you transform it into your own personal sanctuary. The benefits are several, and we’ve narrowed down the most important.

An Investment with Minimal Upkeep

While outfitting your bedroom with carpeting might be less expensive than hardwood, it’s also not efficient when it comes to the long term. Carpet flooring becomes harder and harder to maintain as time goes on, tracks in unwanted odors and its visual aesthetic becomes compromised with unsightly stains. A hardwood floor lasts significantly longer, needing very little in terms of upkeep and maintenance. Rather than renting an expensive rug shampooer or vacuum, a light sweep can be all you need in terms of cleanliness.

The Air in There

Aside from requiring more work to maintain a pleasant appearance, carpet flooring has another disadvantage. Stains and odors will become fixtures in your living space, but also microbes, bacteria, and maybe even parasites. Sounds scary, right? Depending on what quality of wood you use, a hardwood floor can improve the air quality in your bedroom. Wood floors minimize the presence of dust and mold, which means you’ll be breathing in some much-needed peace of mind.

Sleeping Quarters with Style

For many homeowners, a room that’s been molded to their specifications allows for the freedom of personal expression. Hardwood floors possess a natural aesthetic that can make any room feel rustic, cozy, and intimate. You might not have enough to buy that log cabin in Aspen, but you can certainly have that same vibe in your bedroom. A hardwood floor can accomplish that quite easily, more so than shag carpeting can.

Tongue & Groove

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