The Best Flooring for Your Kids and Pets

Created by Stephanie at March 16, 2023, 3:18 pm

Of course you want the flooring in your home to look good, but you need it to be durable enough for you and your loved ones. If you have children or pets, you know they can do damage to fragile surfaces. If you’re wondering what is the best flooring for kids and pets, here are the most ideal options.

If you want the look of hardwood, but don't want to worry about the maintenance and upkeep, consider vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring looks like hardwood, but it is more durable and easy to maintain. Traditional hardwood does not stand up as well as vinyl flooring when it comes to moisture. This means spills and accidents can lead to permanent damage and warping. Vinyl flooring is also more affordable and easy to replace, making it an excellent option if you want to change up the style of your home years down the line.

Even though hardwood flooring does not stand up well to moisture, it can still be an excellent flooring surface for homes with children and pets. This is because hardwood can withstand heavy traffic. Hardwood flooring is made to last for generations. It can bear the weight of large furniture, stand up well in high-traffic areas, and even improve the value of your home. Additionally, hardwood flooring is easier to clean than alternatives like carpet or tile. Carpet can hold in dirt, dust, allergens, and even mold, while tile has hard-to-clean grout. Meanwhile, hardwood can be kept tidy with routine sweeping and the occasional oiling or spot cleaning.

If you are worried about spills or scratches caused by children and pets, but you’re interested in installing hardwood in your home, you can put area rugs in the spaces they play. Area rugs can protect hardwood flooring from liquids and scuffs, while also adding some comfort to the surface below for your loved ones. Plus, an area rug can easily be cleaned and help your space feel cozy and personalized.

Whether you're seeking vinyl flooring or hardwood for your home, check out the options has to offer. We carry durable flooring that can withstand wear and tear caused by children, pets, and whatever else life throws your way. To discover our selection, visit our website and give us a call at 800-689-9006 with any questions.