Care for Your Hardwood Flooring with These Tips

Created by Mike Mazur at March 17, 2020, 7:26 pm

Hardwood flooring, though strong in looks, is a bit fragile when it comes to caring for them and this should be borne in mind for yours. To care for your hardwood flooring, our team at Tongue and Groove compiled some tips for your consumption.

Choice of Cleaning Materials

Regular usage of vacuum cleaners and/or steam cleaners on your hardwood flooring is a no-no. Always remember that your hardwood floor does not require forceful care (forget that it looks hardwearing); what it requires is tender loving care from a faux yarn material.

Keep Your Flooring Dry

Avoid the trio of corrosion, distortion, and discoloration on your floor. Any of these is caused by stagnant or leftover water on the hardwood flooring and can do untold damages. The way to go about stagnant or leftover water on hardwood is by immediately cleaning the floor with a detergent and also, placing foot mats where water easily accumulates in your home: your kitchen, your doorway, your bathroom’s entry point, et al.

Polishing, Stripping and Refinishing

When used for a long time, hardwood floors, like most floors, gets affected by age and continued usage. What to do is to strip those floors, touch them up and apply a new finish to them. This will take the old look off and set you up with a new look which will last for an extended period of time. Next, thoroughly clean the floors and when they are next to dry, apply the polish with an applicator to make them all shiny.

So, there you go! 3 tips on how to care for your hardwood flooring. They are easy to do but if you would rather have a professional do these for you, we invite you to reach out to us today at 800-689-9006! We look forward to working with you.