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Created by Mike Mazur at March 5, 2020, 5:02 pm

With just its natural coloring, hardwood flooring is available in many stunning shades, from black-brown or light gold, to a vibrant red. Moreover, hardwood can be stained a variety of colors to create a stunning, eye-catching aesthetic. With so many choices, it can be hard to settle on any one shade, but Tongue and Groove will be happy to guide you through the process of choosing from our wide selection of hardwood colors and the different moods they create.

Dark Hardwood

On the more dramatic end of the spectrum, dark hardwood flooring provides eye-catching appeal. However, it requires more upkeep since dust and dirt will show more easily. Many feel that any extra effort is worth it, however, because it offers an intense impact. You can choose a deep, rich brown for a classy, warm feel or stained black hardwood for an ultra-modern look.

Mid-Toned Hardwood

Walnut is a mid-toned hardwood that is classically appealing and goes with any decor, allowing you wiggle room when playing around with colors for your interior design. Mid-toned hardwoods will work particularly well in mid-century modern homes and capture the natural beauty of hardwood perfectly.

Light Hardwood

Light shades of hardwood range from true white to bright gold, with options including white oak and pine. Light hardwood flooring is not only beautiful but versatile and easily incorporated with any style. A light brown will create a natural and welcoming feel, while white-washed hardwood provides an ultra-modern look and adds brightness and space.

Red Hardwood

Red hardwoods like cherry are dramatic and vibrant, but simultaneously warm. They are ideal for providing a stunning look that works best with muted colors for interior design, as pairing red hardwood with bold decor can be overwhelming. For an interior design with neutral shades however, red hardwood flooring can be a perfect way to add style and energy.

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