Choosing the Right Hardwood Floor for You

Created by Stephanie at August 15, 2022, 4:07 pm

Turning any house into a home is the dream of every homeowner. There are various ways to achieve this goal, one of which is purchasing and installing a hardwood floor. Hardwood floors last a long time, promote air quality and are more durable than carpeting. More importantly, they don't track all a carpet's allergens and pollen. Today we’ll be looking at the different varieties of hardwood floors to help you choose which one might be best for you.


Oak is the most common of all hardwood flooring. If you’re family-oriented, an oak floor will be ideal for your situation. Oak is less expensive than some other types of hardwood flooring, and its consistency is known for taking a substantial beating without showing much in the way of scuff marks or damage. If you’re looking for something a little more unique and don't mind paying a higher price, some of these other types of hardwood will be more than ideal.


Although maple is not as common as oak, it’s just as popular. Many people enjoy maple because it’s lighter in color tone than oak, making it more than ideal for modern and contemporary homes. However, many people have found maple is rather difficult to stain and finish. If you’re thinking of a maple floor, consult an expert in refinishing.


While not as common as oak or maple, hickory has long been a staple of many American homes. Hickory is a wood that’s versatile in its many applications. Many homeowners with challenging floor plans attest to how effectively hickory is in giving their home a farmhouse aesthetic. However, there are some drawbacks and disadvantages to using hickory. It’s easily prone to warping, so depending upon the area in which you live, you might want to consult an expert about whether or not hickory will be ideal.

American Black Walnut

While American black walnut is the most expensive of all hardwood floors, its qualities illustrate exactly why this is. An immaculate appearance and striking grains make it a favorite of many homeowners. It’s easy to stain and finish but is softer than the other woods, making upkeep a top priority if you decide upon it for your home.

Tongue & Groove

A hardwood floor is an investment. As such, recouping a return on your investment means taking good care of it. At, you’ll be blown away by our expertise and intricate craftsmanship. To reach us directly, please call 1-800-689-9006.