Consider These Factors When Buying Hardwood

Created by Mike Mazur at March 26, 2021, 7:09 pm

Are you considering buying hardwood flooring? We don’t blame you. Hardwood floors can make your home look extraordinarily beautiful. Before you sign on the line and buy your hardwood flooring, there are some things you need to know.

Buying Hardwood Flooring

The first thing you need to consider when you are buying a hardwood floor is whether you should buy a solid hardwood floor, or an engineered hardwood. There are positives and negatives about each. Hardwood floors are made from a single solid piece of wood. They can be refinished multiple times and last for years. Engineered hardwood floors are made from several pieces of hardwood with plywood at the bottom. It is cheaper than traditional hardwood flooring, and is perfect for your kitchen or bathroom. It can not be refinished multiple times, however.

You can also choose between prefinished or site finished hardwood floors. If you buy floors that are prefinished, all you have to do is install them. Prefinished floors are generally cheaper than site finished floors, and they are a time saver. If you choose site finished floors, you need to know that it will take some time to be finished on site, so you need to allot for that time when you are planning a remodeling or a renovation. While you’re thinking about prefinished or site finished, you need to think about colors as well. If you are redoing a well-lit space, you can choose darker flooring. If you are trying to make a space look bigger, you should choose lighter flooring types. You may want to paint your flooring as well, but be careful with your color choices.

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