Disinfect Your Hardwood Floors!

Created by Mike Mazur at April 13, 2020, 6:21 pm

If you are worried about dirt and bacteria collecting on your hardwood floors, you can disinfect your flooring. However, deep cleaning your hardwood flooring can result in water damage if you do not perform the cleaning process correctly. For some hardwood floor disinfecting tips, continue on.

The first step in the hardwood floor cleaning process is prep. Prepare yourself by determining how your flooring is finished. The finishing of your flooring affects the cleaning process. Your flooring may be pre-finished, sealed, or coated in urethane. Polyurethane, urethane, and polyacrylic finished floors are the easiest floors to clean because they are stain and water-resistant. Meanwhile, other types of finishes are harder to clean because water can harm the wood.

Once you know how your hardwood floors are finished, you can clean the floors. First, use a dry dust mop or vacuum cleaner to pick up any dust, debris, and crumbs that have collected. Once all of the debris is cleaned, you're ready to use a wet mop. Be sure you are using a mop and cleaning products that are designed for your hardwood flooring. These products are as safe and effective as possible.

After you clean your floors, you want to keep them clean. Some ways to do this are by using runners and rugs in high traffic areas. Put a rug by your entry-way, in busy hallways, and in your living room. Not only can this protect your floor from heavy foot traffic, but it can also stop dirt from spreading throughout your house. Another way to keep your floors clean is by instituting a no-shoes rule. When your family and guests remove their shoes, they are less likely to bring dirt and debris into your home.

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