Do Your Hardwood Floors Need Some TLC?

Created by Mike Mazur at November 11, 2020, 7:36 pm

You love your hardwood floors, of course you do. Hardwood floors are amazing. They give your home a cozy look, and they pair beautifully with so many home styles, whether you have a farmhouse decor, mid-century modern, or industrial. However, as your floors age, you might notice that your floors don’t seem to be as bright and shiny as they should be. Here are some ways you can tell your floors might need some tender loving care, or TLC.

When Do My Floors Need Care?

There are some times when your hardwood floors need immediate care. If you have noticed that your floor has water damage. Water damage will appear on your hardwood floors as spots or warped spaces on your floor. If you have hardwood floors in your kitchen or bathroom, these two areas are more likely to have water damage than any other area of your house.

You may also need to have your hardwood floors refinished if you notice deep, heavy scratches on your floor. Surface scratches are fairly easy to fix, but deep scratches are not. While one or two deep scratches across your entire floors are no big deal, several deep scratches in the same room indicate that a repair is necessary. You may also see chips or gauges, and just like with scratches, you will need to have someone come and look at your floor to give it some love.

What about color changes in your floors? As hardwood floors age, they change color. While all hardwood floors age, and change color, if you notice that your floors are turning gray, you need to have someone look at them, because that indicates the wood needs to be refinished.

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