A Dog-Lover's Guide to Buying Flooring

Created by Mike Mazur at July 9, 2020, 7:46 pm

Our pets, such as dogs, are often stakeholders in our domestic decisions like the type of flooring we choose to buy for our houses because their needs have to be met too. If you have dogs, take this as the guide to buying flooring for your home.

Tip #1: First and Foremost, Think Hardwood

Think hardwood because your dogs are going to be lots of running on the floor and this means scratches will be inevitable. Over time, if these scratches continue as they would, you would have some replacement to do. So, go for oak wood instead of wood floorings made from Pine, Birch, or American Walnut.

Tip #2: Oil and Wax Mix

As an addendum, get your floor oiled and waxed because this mix is just about right for repairs, cleaning and the oh-so inevitable scratches, wears and tears.

Tip #3: Textured Surfaces Play a Defining Role

Textured surfaces will help give your floor a more solid look and feel. And why do you need this? For strength, durability and to highlight the beauty of your floor without compromising its original outlook.

Tip #4: Finishes…

Thinking hardwood alone is fortunately not enough for your floor. Finishes count and they do count best in matte; what a matte finish does is that it throws only a little amount of light back at you, retains the native look of your flooring longer than other finishes, and shields any defects and discoloration your floor has been exposed to. Call it a perfect finish for hardwood, it complements your hardwood flooring without being loud and shiny about it.

Tip #5: Colors, Colors, Colors

Instead of bright and/or light colors, choose a color coating that conceals any imperfections that happen to your floor. It will serve you best in the long run.

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