Elevate Your Space with the Drama of Thick Floating Stair Treads

Created by Stephanie at April 25, 2024, 10:32 pm

Floating stairs have become a popular design choice for their clean lines and modern aesthetic. But what if you could take your floating stairs to the next level? Here at Tongue and Groove, we offer a stunning selection of thick floating stair treads that add a touch of luxury and drama to any staircase.

Unveiling the Beauty of Thick Treads

Imagine the impact of solid wood treads boasting a thickness of 1.5 inches up to a commanding 4 inches. These treads aren't just visually impressive; they make a powerful statement. They exude a sense of strength, quality, and craftsmanship that elevates the entire space.

A Symphony of Wood Species

We understand that personal style is paramount. That's why we offer a staggering array of over 20 wood species to suit your vision. From the warmth of domestic hardwoods like Red Oak, White Oak, and Maple to the exotic elegance of Brazilian Teak, Walnut, and Cherry, you have the freedom to choose the perfect wood to complement your d├ęcor.

For those seeking a truly unique aesthetic, we also offer Rift & Quarter Sawn White Oak and Red Oak treads in all our impressive thicknesses. Rift and Quarter Sawn lumber is known for its exceptional straight grain and minimal figuring, creating a clean and sophisticated look.

Strength and Stability You Can Trust

Our thick floating stair treads are not just about aesthetics. We use only premium quality, kiln-dried hardwoods and time-tested manufacturing methods to ensure exceptional durability. Each tread is a product of meticulous glue-up construction. This might sound technical, but it simply means we create the depth of the tread by carefully adhering multiple solid wood planks together.

This method isn't a cost-cutting measure; it's an investment in quality. Solid wood of such substantial size is prone to warping and cupping if environmental conditions aren't perfectly controlled. Our glue-up technique significantly reduces this risk, ensuring your beautiful staircase remains stable and stunning for years to come.

Made in America, Built to Last

We take pride in the fact that our thick floating stair treads are Made in America. This not only ensures exceptional quality but also supports American craftsmanship. When you choose Tongue and Groove, you're not just getting a beautiful stair tread; you're investing in a piece of American-made excellence.

So, if you're looking to add drama, character, and undeniable luxury to your staircase, look no further than Tongue and Groove's collection of thick floating stair treads. Visit our website or contact us today at 800-689-9006 to discuss your vision and discover the perfect treads to elevate your space.