Five Reasons We Love Hardwood Floors

Created by Mike Mazur at August 10, 2020, 2:25 pm

Hardwood flooring is the top flooring choice for homeowners across the country. There are many reasons to love hardwood floors. For five reasons why we love hardwood flooring, keep reading.

First, hardwood flooring is easy to clean. Carpet traps debris, dirt, and dust, while these contaminants simply sit on hardwood flooring. With weekly vacuuming and light brushing, hardwood flooring can be as clean as new. If you spill something on hardwood flooring, a damp cloth can clean up this spill quickly.

The second reason we love hardwood is that hardwood is strong and durable. If you own a home and you have children, pets, or heavy furniture, hardwood flooring can handle whatever is thrown at it. Hardwood flooring's hardness is measured by the Janka Hardness Rating. When you research the Janka Hardness Rating of the flooring you are considering, you can determine if it is strong enough to accommodate your lifestyle needs. It is easy to find hardwood flooring that has a high Janka Hardness Rating.

Carpet trends come and go, but hardwood is always in style. If you want to invest in a flooring option that is timeless and classic, hardwood is perfect. You won't get tired of your hardwood flooring. Plus, if you intend on selling your home one day, homeowners will likely be attracted to your hardwood flooring choice as well.

Just because hardwood flooring is classic and timeless doesn't mean there isn’t a wide variety of options to choose from. You can pick a type of hardwood flooring that suits your interior design preferences. Hardwood flooring comes in countless species, textures, plank widths, colors, and finishes. To shop these endless styles, shop with! Check out our inventory online or call us at 800-689-9006 with any questions. We look forward to supplying you with top quality hardwood flooring for your home!