5 Top Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2020

Created by Mike Mazur at December 9, 2019, 5:55 pm

Hardwood flooring is an excellent go-to flooring option for your home. Hardwood is durable, stylish, and classic. If you are looking for the trendiest hardwood flooring options for 2020, you've come to the right place. Read on to discover the top five hardwood flooring trends of 2020.

The first 2020 flooring trend is wide planks. Over the years, the width of planks has grown. Currently, planks as wide as 12 inches are on-trend. Wide planks can also help a room look more spacious and open. Wide floor planks even show off the natural grain of the wood, giving a more rustic feel to your home.

The year 2020 is all about Earth tone hardwood flooring. When selecting hardwood for your home, consider Earthy, natural tones. These tones are sophisticated and airy. They are also neutral, so you can play with the colors of your walls, furniture, and decor.

The third hardwood flooring trend for 2020 is eco-friendly floors. Many manufacturers are going for environmentally friendly and greener options when it comes to creating their planks. The demand for eco-friendly flooring is rising, which means you can build your home without worrying about your carbon footprint.

Speaking of eco-friendly flooring, did you know that some hardwood options can actually have negative effects on the air quality in your home? If you want flooring that is free of formaldehyde and VOCs, go for something with a Green Guard certification and Carb 2 compliance.

The fifth and final flooring trend for 2020 is distressed wood. Distressed hardwood flooring can give a rustic and edgy feel to your home. There are a variety of distressing techniques that you can choose from when shopping for your home. You can pick something lightly distressed for a breezy, beachy feel or you can go for something that is distressed in a unique manner to give some edge to your interior design.

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