How Families Can Maintain Hardwood Floors

Created by Mike Mazur at August 12, 2021, 6:23 pm

One of the best ways to beautify your home is to get hardwood floors. That’s no knock against carpets, but hardwood floors are superb. There are, however, some maintenance concerns when it comes to keeping them beautiful.

We want to break down for you five ways families can maintain hardwood floors.

Choose the Right Wood

You want to choose open grain and light colors so that any scratches will be less visible. Oak, maple, and hickory work best since they are harder woods.

Apply Sealant

Polyurethane sealants can prevent scratches as well as water damage (those ugly bubbles in the wood that you DO NOT want).

Don’t Allow Shoes

Shoes scuff and scratch your floor more than you realize.

Use Barriers

Rugs, Runners, and matts can be used to reduce/eliminate frictional damage between your furniture and hardwood floors.

Clean Them Frequently

Never wait too long to clean a drink spilt onto a hardwood floor. Otherwise, they could become absorbed by the wood.

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