Is It Time to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors?

Created by Mike Mazur at May 27, 2022, 6:24 pm

Is it time to refinish your hardwood floors? discusses situations below that indicate that your floors are probably in need of refinishing.

Water Damage. Even a seemingly insignificant amount of water can damage wood floors; therefore, it is paramount that you dry your hardwood floors immediately after you notice any water on them. Serious water damage is evident in the wood warping, cupping, or buckling which will necessitate the replacement of the wood. If the damage is less severe with only harm done to the staining, this devastation can generally be rehabilitated by sanding and refinishing the wood.

Scratches. Although light scratches are not particularly alarming, scratches that go deeper into the wood itself must be remedied by the refinishing process. Sanding and refinishing the damaged floor is the only defense against water seeping in and causing even more problems.

Gouges and Chipping. Wood flooring that endures high traffic tends to have further damage than purely surface scratches. Gouges and sizable chips permit water to permeate and cause a lot of destruction to the wood. If there is splintering, this is a major safety concern and the floor needs to be refinished as soon as possible.

Graying of Wood. Graying your hardwood floors is not a usual phenomenon of aging. Graying or other discoloration of wood indicates water damage and probably signifies that the polyurethane finish has started to wear off. As discolor progresses, so does structural damage. This occurrence can be a hazard and requires the wood flooring to be refinished at once to prevent more serious harm.

Excess Staining. Staining is bound to happen if you have hardwood floors. When staining becomes extreme, refinishing is necessary for proper repair. If household products do not remove the stains, sanding and refinishing the floor is unavoidable to restore the original beauty.

Sun Damage. Natural light in a home is warm and welcoming but it can lead to discoloration and also harm your hardwood floors. Your floor can become faded or washed out with constant exposure to direct sunlight. The remedy for this unsightly situation is to have your floor refinished.

Worn Areas. Hardwood will begin to look worn over time due to traffic. If the stain looks like it’s wearing away then it’s probably time for refinishing. If the stain starts to wear down and is not corrected, it can cause dangerous splintering. is the premier company to contact for all of your flooring needs. We also carry an appealing variety of additional wood products for customers to purchase. You may contact our professional and personable sales team at 1-800-689-9006. We hope to be of service to you in the near future.