Protect Your Hardwood Floors From Summer

Created by Stephanie at June 26, 2023, 7:22 pm

Summer has arrived, which means the sun will soon be shining down upon us with all of the UV rays and warmth we can handle. And while you might be thinking about that beach trip or lounging by the pool, there’s another thing that you should definitely take into consideration. If you have a hardwood floor, its protection from the summer is just as important as remembering your sunscreen. Fear not; we’re here to give you all of the necessary information you need.


While the sunlight is all part and parcel of the summertime experience, it’s not always agreeable to deal with. Too much exposure to sunlight can make your hardwood floor bleached and discolored. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to have some UV-protected curtains drawn when it’s the brightest time of the day. If none are available, you might want to consider buying some w=varnish or wax for protection.


If you live in a state with a considerable amount of humidity during the summer, protecting your hardwood floors is imperative. Because of the moisture that gets caused by humidity, this can bend and warp hardwood. In order to protect your floor, it’s important to deal with the amount of moisture that reaches the surface. Making some adjustments to your HVAC system and keeping your home well-ventilated can be an excellent first line of defense. Purchasing a dehumidifier can make a considerable difference if your hardwood floor is limited to a single room.

Sand & Dirt

The sand is just as commonplace during the summertime as the sunlight. And while we do our best not to do so, the dirt and sand from camping and beach excursions sometimes have a habit of coming home with us. Luckily, protecting your hardwood floor from these foreign objects is rather simple. Get into the habit of removing your shoes before walking on a hardwood floor, and some strategically placed carpets can also be of great help in this area as well.

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