The Return of the Top-Nailed Floor

Created by Stephanie at February 14, 2024, 9:41 pm

Hardwood floors are some of the most popular items among homeowners currently renovating. If you plan on installing a hardwood floor in the foreseeable future, then you will want to read about some important news that we have to share. One of the most recent developments in the flooring world is the recent comeback of the top-nailed floor. What is it? What are the benefits? Read on; we’re about to find out.

What is a Top-Nailed Floor?

The majority of modern hardwood floors rely on a tongue-and-groove method of installation. This process allows two boards to be joined to create a flat surface. Aside from flooring, this method has been utilized in paneling and other forms of building and construction. Top-nailed flooring is installed using a process that involves nailing straight down. After being nailed into position, wood fiber is placed in the holes, obscuring them from sight. What results is a very rustic look.

What Are the Advantages?

Good question. Aside from giving you a unique hardwood floor, top-nailed floors are also much easier to maintain and repair. All hardwood floors, despite their durability, need to be repaired from time to time. Boards installed with a top nail can be removed easily and replaced with new wood in minutes. If you live in a climate susceptible to humidity and moisture, this comes in handy. Another notable advantage is that you can stain and apply a coating to the boards before installation. This can be done DIY, negating the need to hire a contractor.

If you’re a homeowner who’s looking to install a new floor, you might want to consider some of the advantages that a top-nailed floor can provide. You’ll still have all of the advantages of one installed using the tongue-and-groove technique, such as improved air quality, increased property value, and less upkeep, but installation and replacement will be much easier. Here at, we’re experts in all things related to flooring. Visit us online today and take that first step in turning your house into your dream home.