Discover 3 Benefits of Hardwood Flooring if You're Selling Your Home

Created by Mike Mazur at August 25, 2021, 7:49 pm

When you’re selling your home, there are quite a few things that you can do to not only raise it’s value, but also make it a standout among potential buyers. One of those things is having hardwood flooring. At first thought, it may not be all that apparent why, but think back to the first time you walked into a potential house and saw those shiny hardwood floors. It’s a great aesthetic, but there are also three other great benefits!

Look great

Let's talk a little bit more about appearance. Unlike rugs, hardwood flooring can make an interior pop. It gives the property a sleek and modern look no matter how old the property may be. It’s an overall classic look that goes perfect with most type of décor. With rug or tile, there’s only so much you can do with it. But with hardwood flooring, the options are almost endless. This can be a huge selling point for buyers.


There’s a reason that stores and malls don’t use carpet or tile for their flooring. Hardwood is far more durable. If you want a floor that’s going to last a long-time, then there’s nothing better than hardwood. One of the reasons they last so long is because of their low maintenance qualities. Hardwood floors don’t trap dirt and dust as easily as its counterparts. When it comes to this type of flooring, it can also be easily brought back to life with refurbishing. Both tile and carpet need to be replaced after years of wear and tear. No buyer wants to buy something that will cost them in the long run.

Return on investment

If you want to increase the selling price of your home, then hardwood floors are definitely the way to go. It’s been proven by the National Association of Realtors that refinishing a hardwood floor will lead you to recoup your money to around 100% when the house sale goes through. Even if you install a whole new hardwood, you’re likely to see 91% of your money spent returned at the closing of your house being sold. Those are pretty good numbers if you ask us!

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