3 Ways Hardwood Floors Improve Indoor Air Quality

Created by Stephanie at May 14, 2021, 4:08 pm

Hardwood floors look very stylish and beautiful in every room of a home. There are an abundance of colors and designs available to please even those consumers with the most discriminating of tastes. Plus, hardwood is an especially ideal choice in flooring for people who battle with allergies. TongueAndGroove.com lists three ways below that hardwood floors can actually improve the air quality in your home.

First off, hardwood floors do not accumulate annoying allergens that are found within carpeting fibers. Microscopic insects deposit tiny excrement that is responsible for triggering congestion and allergic reactions. Furthermore, dust, pollen, and other substances found outside your home will not accumulate on the wooden boards.

Secondly, wood flooring makes cleaning a snap to accomplish. A brisk sweeping of the planks removes the top layer of debris and allergens. Using a clean, dry, microfiber mop will give the floor a deeper, thorough cleansing. Since there is no need to dampen the mop with water, the floor can be walked on immediately afterwards and it eliminates the fear of slipping on a wet floor.

Thirdly, hardwood flooring lessens the amount of pollution in the air. Carpets release gases called volatile organic compounds during a procedure known as off-gassing. The harmful gases may be unleashed for a period of up to five years. As the gases increase and become airborne, they wreak havoc by irritating areas of the body such as the skin, throat, and nose. On the other hand, hardwood floors do not harbor and emit volatile organic compounds. Hardwood flooring is totally natural and eco-friendly cleaning supplies lower air pollution even more.

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