The Top Ways You Are Ruining Your Hardwood Floors

Created by Mike Mazur at February 15, 2020, 6:54 pm

Floors certainly do not last forever, but there are some things you do that are probably ruining your hardwood floors. Here are a few ways you're ruining your floors and some tips on what to do to stop.

Heat Exposure

Hardwood floors are vulnerable to heat simply because heat takes the shine out of them and makes them look bland. When the sun is at its highest peak in the summer and at noon or early in the morning, and your curtains and window blinds are just either folded in a corner or rolled up, your hardwood floors take a beating and become less beautiful.


It is highly recommended to not cry over spilled milk – and this applies to other forms of liquid as well – but not crying over liquid once spilled does not mean that you let the spilled liquid stay on your hardwood floors and make a dwelling place in them by sinking deep in and registering itself as a permanent stain

Taking a mop or a paper towel and dabbing on your hardwood surface until the spill becomes non-existent is a thing and should be your thing once a spill happens. Be forewarned though: some spills are more treacherous than the other; cola drinks, beverages, et al. and tend to ruin your hardwood floors more than spills from other liquid content.

High Heels

Your hardwood floors do not find your cute high heels cute.  They find your heels damaging especially those thin ones – “the thinner, the more dangerous” sort of damage. Stepping on them continuously could create future potholes or an unbalanced floor inside your house.

Cleaning Liquid

Remember how we advised cleaning spills once it happens? Oftentimes, you need another type of liquid (read: cleaning liquid) to get the stains off but there are variants of cleaning liquids to choose from and use on your hardwood floors. We know how totally confusing this can be so we suggest you pay attention to your hardwood manufacturer’s manual.

Not paying attention to the type of cleaning liquid recommended by the manufacturer of the hardwood floors you use at home could cause heavy chemical damage to your floors and reduce its durability.

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