Trends in Stair Treads to Check Out

Created by Mike Mazur at April 29, 2021, 3:29 pm

Just like all other structures in a home, stairways are part of the interior design and reflect the personal style of the homeowners. And while banisters and risers are important, the stair treads also make a huge impact on the design of your home. If you need to add a new stairway or are planning on remodeling your current set of stairs, then check out these trends in stair treads for inspiration:

Go Natural

Natural hardwood stair treads are a major design trend these days. Just like the trend of swapping out carpeted floors for hardwood, people are ripping out the carpet from their stairways and enjoying the look of wooden treads instead. For extra grip, a coordinating runner will do the trick while still showcasing the beauty of the natural hardwood. If you want wooden stairs, Tongue and Groove’s stair treads are available in 20 different types of wood!

Add Color

A popular trend is adding some color to a stairway to match walls and décor. People can also leave the stairs a natural wood stain finish and then paint the risers to match accordingly. Some even alternate colors for a bold design. Tongue and Groove has prefinished treads in both natural finish and custom color, with textures available, too.

Mix It Up

Another major trend in stairway design is mixing up materials. Do not be afraid to incorporate different materials like metal, cables, wood, and glass with your stairs. In fact, you get a beautiful contemporary look when you mix various building materials.

Thick Treads

Thick stair treads are another popular trend. Thick stair treads are durable and deliver a contemporary style that suits many homes. If this is the style you want, Tongue and Groove sells thick treads ranging from 1 1/2" up to 4" thick.

Floating Staircase

Nothing says “grand entrance” like a floating spiral staircase. For a design that really pops and sets your house apart from the rest, consider creating a stairway with an unconventional style, like “floating” treads or a spiral shape. Either way, visitors to your home will be wowed!

As always, Tongue and Groove’s stair treads are made in the USA from premium quality hardwood. We have a large inventory of stair treads on hand, and custom orders typically ship in only 2-3 weeks.

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