Ways You Can Make Your Smaller Room Look and Feel Bigger

Created by Mike Mazur at November 30, 2023, 4:23 pm

There’s no better feeling than coming home after a hard day’s work and lounging around your favorite room. That special touch you’ve applied makes you feel comfortable and content, but there’s an issue. While it provides you with all the comforts you could ever ask for, it also sometimes feels confining and restrictive due to its diminutive size. However, appearances can be deceiving; sometimes, this works in our favor. Today, we look at ways to turn your diminutive space into a larger-than-life presentation.

Building Vertical & on The Edges First

One of the best things you can do is thoroughly rearrange your various items. Think of this like solving a tabletop jigsaw puzzle. In order to effectively build the defining picture, it’s always advisable to start with the edges and work your way inward. Rearranging your room works in the same way. If you arrange items like your desk, bed, and other tables on the outward edge, the room you have in the center will look remarkably more extensive than it is. Another good technique to employ is by arranging some of your storage by building vertically. Utilize as much space as possible on the edge, and the inner sanctum of your room will appear much more intimate, not to mention much more spacious.

Establishing a Focal Point

Before rearranging any living space, it’s best to begin your plans with a focal point, such as a corner of your room or a place where a particular item, like a television set, goes. From here, you can model and arrange the items in your space to maximize the area and utilize it to its fullest potential.

Utilizing the Right Type of Flooring

This might seem like an odd choice to make, but the right floor can make any room look more spacious. This isn’t by accident, as it’s an optical illusion that creates a facade of depth. Hardwood flooring, especially with the planks going in a singular direction, can trick the human mind into believing there’s much more space in any given area. Another way to further the illusion is by not having carpeting in the center of the room. Leaving an open space makes any area seem roomy and comfortable.

Any living space can be turned into the ideal dream. More often than not, this begins with the flooring. If you’re thinking about redesigning or remodeling, check out TongueAndGroove.com for expert advice to turn any house into a home. For more information, give our team a call at 800-689-9006.