What to Expect When Having Hardwood Floors Installed

Created by Stephanie at June 15, 2022, 6:56 pm

Having a hardwood floor installed in your house can greatly increase your quality of life, your ability to keep the house cleaner, and even increase the value of your home should you ever come to a point where you decide to sell. There’s quite a bit to expect before, during, and after the installation process, and we’ve compiled a guide to expectations.

Choosing the Right Floor

Depending upon which type of wood you decide upon, installation times can vary. Every home is different, so patterns and stains that work for one home won’t necessarily work for all. If you have trouble coming to a final choice, consider contacting an outside source on helping you make the choice that works best.

Pre-Installation Preparation

Before a plank of your new floor is laid down, there’s some preparation that needs to occur on your end.

  • Remove all furniture, tapestries, rugs, and anything that might be hanging up on the walls. In short, vacate the entire premises.
  • Pets should be kept out of the room that’s having new flooring installed, and being away for the first day or two might be necessary, depending upon what type of flooring is being installed.
  • Make sure there’s plenty of space for the workers to operate in and store all the necessary material.

Installation & Sanding

Having a hardwood floor is an intricate process that requires a considerable amount of expertise. Allow the workers plenty of space to work. Once the floor has been installed into place, it must be sanded and leveled thoroughly to ensure the staining process can be done. This is a noisy process that will leave a considerable amount of mess behind. If there are any possessions left behind, it’s best to remove them immediately.

Applying the Finish and Having a Completed Floor

Applying the finish is the final stage in the installation process. Depending upon which finish you decide upon, it might take a considerable amount of time to let it dry. Some can take several days to dry and set, at which point you can safely move rugs and furniture into the room.

At last, you have a hardwood floor to enjoy as your very own.

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