Why is My Wood Floor Squeaking?

Created by Stephanie at September 30, 2022, 7:07 pm

Wood floors are beautiful, timeless, and classic. This durable flooring option can exist in a space for generations. However, it may start to squeak over time. To learn why your wood floors are squeaking, keep reading.

It is possible that your wood floors are squeaking because there is a problem with your subfloor. The subfloor is the flooring under your hardwood. If this floor is uneven, it may be causing squeaks. This is because the hardwood cannot sit flat. When stepped on, the hardwood moves and causes a squeaking sound. Oftentimes, water is to blame for subfloor problems. Water can weaken the nails and fasteners of a subfloor. Whether you have water damage or an uneven subfloor due to wear and tear, you need to tend to the subfloor to fix the squeaking.

Another potential cause of squeaking floors is a joist problem. A joist is a horizontal structure that frames a space. Joists are used beneath the floor and subfloor to make up the framework and base of your home. If a joist is uneven or unstable, it can lead to squeaking hardwood floors. A professional can correct a joist problem, whether the problem is caused by improper installation, warping, or loosening.

Do your floors squeak more often during certain times of the year? Seasonal squeaking is a common problem for homeowners with hardwood flooring. Both solid hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring can expand and contract with seasonal temperature and humidity changes. This is normal and little can be done to prevent it. If your floors squeak more in the winter, this means the dry air has caused your flooring to contract. If you want to reduce the amount of squeaking, try to maintain the same temperature and humidity levels in your home throughout the year.

Knowing why hardwood floor squeaks can help you become a more informed homeowner. Now that you know that the joists and subfloor can play a role in the squeaking of hardwood, you can be sure these elements of your home are installed properly before installing new hardwood floors. When you're ready to shop for new hardwood, visit TongueAndGroove.com. We have an extensive selection of top-quality hardwood flooring for you to shop from.