1" Thick Bullnose Stair Treads

These bullnose treads measure a full 1 inch thickness, and of course have a bullnose across the front edge. These glued up panels are 11 1/2" deep, but custom depths are available so just contact us for a quote on any custom size.

If your staircase is "open" (not enclosed by a wall) on one or both sides, you will need what is called a "return" added to the exposed end of the tread. A return is a piece of bullnose that is professionally mitered into the tread, to continue the bullnose edge around the end of the tread that is exposed, which provides a neat and finished look. The need for a right return vs left return is determined by standing at the bottom of the steps and looking up: if the treads are exposed on your right hand side, then you will need right returns added to those treads. And of course if the steps are exposed on your left hand side you will need left return treads. In some staircases, some or all of the treads are open on both sides, requiring double-return treads. We do those quite often, and those are also easy to order. Simply measure the rough framing of each step from the furthest point on the left to the furthest point on the right, and that measurement is referred to as the "throat" measurement. Each return requires 1 1/4" of the tread to be consumed, since the returns are not added to the tread, but are mitered into the tread, so be sure to calculate 2 1/2" of lost tread length when determining what size treads to order for double-return treads. For example, if you have a 41" throat measurement, a 42" tread will be too short to make a double-return tread with a 41" throat, since the 2 return pieces allow for a maximum throat measurement of 39 1/2" inches when using a 42" tread. So a 41" throat measurement will require a 48" tread (the next size up) in order to accommodate a 41" throat after trimming and mitering in the two return pieces.

We offer stair treads from 36 inches long all the way up to 20 feet long! If the size you need is not listed here on our website, just call us or email us for a quote.